What drives me is the fascination to explore well-known things with fresh eyes. I want to visually articulate what matters, realizing projects I'd like to see more often. To provide and explore different perspectives, I work multidisciplinary including graphic-, motion- and mediadesign intrigued by the eloquence of motion and persuasive powers of perspective and contrast.

2020/02 - today


2019/05 - 2019/10

Internship at nulleins™ brand creation

2018/05 - today

Organiser and Curator of TEDxLend

2016/10 - 2020/03

University of Applied Science: Information Design, FH Joanneum Bachelor’s Degree Programm, Department of Media and Design

2015/10 - 2016/06

University of Vienna: Department of Philosophy

2014/10 - 2015/06

Community service, WUK Vienna

2006/09 - 2014/04

Grammar School, BRG Spittal/Drau (Carinthia, Austria)